Love Yourself!


309561_205205169544843_773288472_nSo often we give ourselves the value others around us decide to give us… we sometimes even go as far as fulfilling people’s judgmental comments
even if they were the furthest from reality. It’s really hard to determine whether the comments we get from others are facts or pure hate… so we tend to take them too personally and allow them to unsettle our internal peace. What we need to understand, however, that what people usually say is a reflection of their own self… what people tell you has nothing to do with you… it just speaks for who they are. That’s why no one can make you feel inferior without your consent! We need to truly love ourselves…


Love yourself for all the times you were the only one who stood by yourself. Love your body that continues to carry you daily holding all of your emotions, disappointments and excitement when no one else was there to help you carry them. Love yourself because despite everything you might be going through, you still got up to take down yet another day. Love you and you won’t need the love of anyone else


I love you…


I love you despite the fact that you’re broken. I love you for the weakness you’re not embarrassed to expose. I love you for your scarred heart. I love you for the pain your past caused. I love you for all the emotions you try to hide. I love you for all the battles you lost. I love you for finding happiness in pain. I love you for the fear you fight. I love you for not trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel but for finding God, who became the light. I love you for not giving up.

Your turn

True Story

“Everyone gets a turn.”

Back in college, a close friend said that to me during a particularly sad period of my life. “Everyone gets a turn.” Something was incredibly comforting about that statement. In four words, it grounded my situation, made me feel not alone, and externalized a feeling into something with a definitive beginning and end. Many people have felt what you’ve felt and made it out just fine if not better. It’s temporary, so if anything.. “enjoy the ride.”

From that point, I sorta turned it into a weird philosophy of mine, and began seeing all emotions and situations as rides at an amusement park, something people literally have to take turns for. The park being my life and the rides covering all types of emotions. How’s that for a new take on the term “emotional rollercoaster”?

Some of my favorite rides & attractions? Well there’s awesome stuff like “Butterflies in my Stomach” Garden…

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A lot of models when asked “do you think you looked good younger?” Their answer would be something along the lines of “no” “I was awkward looking”… but what if there was no media where these models grew up? When I was a kid, my mom allowed us only 2 hours of t.v. where nothing but the cartoon chanel was allowed to be on… I did not see a computer until I got to grade six… it was one of those big desktop ones… where if you wanted to use the Internet, you had to use the phone line… of course no one in the house would let me do that.. plus it was a hassle to begin with.. my mom said I was pretty and that meant I am.. there were no beauty shows, no YouTube videos, or anything of that sort that told me otherwise… or maybe there was, I just didn’t have access to it! We’re not born knowing how to evaluate our looks… I went to a school where the uniform was a long brown dress…. yep.. brown dress… you can imagine how attractive that is.. but it never
hit me how I looked wearing it… all I cared about was being happy through meeting up with friends and spending good time with people I loved..

blogAs I grew up, however, I realized that reality is not always too inspirational… I mean to be considered for a certain job or to be taken seriously I had to look and dress in a certain way…and now, like most girls, I am exposed to tones of theories about beauty… and thus I feel insecure sometimes… BUT, at least I know that we should learn how to be confident before we learn how to put on an eyeliner… just know that you being you is what makes you beautiful… whatever makes you confident, go ahead and do it… even if it means putting on make up while spending the day at home… just remember not to over do it and not to do it for people’s approval but for yourself’s approval.

10646874_749698578428830_3580889906122991191_nSometimes, it’s not your fault at all… they just leave all of a sudden.

It’s like they wake up and decide they don’t want you in their lives again. No words said and no explanations provided. They leave you hanging as if you never meant anything to them. But this is not the painful part…

It’s when they make it seem so easy to let go is what gets to you.

All the heavy lifting


True Story

(this post makes broad generalizations. Apologies & acknowledging in advance)

I read all the comments that are left on my posts. I might not reply, but I really do, and for the most part, they’re really interesting to read and I’m glad that what I write can compel you to share your opinion. I write a lot on the topic of emotions and relationships and I’ve noticed that a large portion of the comments are left by females. One can assume that a lot of ppl who follow me are girls, or only girls take the time to read & and write comments, and while those explanations to have merit, I think it’s something else…

Women are tougher than men. Yes, both physically and emotionally. This conclusion comes from observing my mother (and many other mothers of their immigrant generation), and by looking at the girls who’ve shaped my personal life. Reading some…

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I asked the wise man, “Which one is stronger? Love or friendship?”

So he said, “Love is stronger but friendship is longer… a river might dry out, but its valley remains”

Just like the valley, friends remain… and engrave beautiful memories in our hearts.