Love Yourself!


309561_205205169544843_773288472_nSo often we give ourselves the value others around us decide to give us… we sometimes even go as far as fulfilling people’s judgmental comments
even if they were the furthest from reality. It’s really hard to determine whether the comments we get from others are facts or pure hate… so we tend to take them too personally and allow them to unsettle our internal peace. What we need to understand, however, that what people usually say is a reflection of their own self… what people tell you has nothing to do with you… it just speaks for who they are. That’s why no one can make you feel inferior without your consent! We need to truly love ourselves…


Love yourself for all the times you were the only one who stood by yourself. Love your body that continues to carry you daily holding all of your emotions, disappointments and excitement when no one else was there to help you carry them. Love yourself because despite everything you might be going through, you still got up to take down yet another day. Love you and you won’t need the love of anyone else


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