A lot of models when asked “do you think you looked good younger?” Their answer would be something along the lines of “no” “I was awkward looking”… but what if there was no media where these models grew up? When I was a kid, my mom allowed us only 2 hours of t.v. where nothing but the cartoon chanel was allowed to be on… I did not see a computer until I got to grade six… it was one of those big desktop ones… where if you wanted to use the Internet, you had to use the phone line… of course no one in the house would let me do that.. plus it was a hassle to begin with.. my mom said I was pretty and that meant I am.. there were no beauty shows, no YouTube videos, or anything of that sort that told me otherwise… or maybe there was, I just didn’t have access to it! We’re not born knowing how to evaluate our looks… I went to a school where the uniform was a long brown dress…. yep.. brown dress… you can imagine how attractive that is.. but it never
hit me how I looked wearing it… all I cared about was being happy through meeting up with friends and spending good time with people I loved..

blogAs I grew up, however, I realized that reality is not always too inspirational… I mean to be considered for a certain job or to be taken seriously I had to look and dress in a certain way…and now, like most girls, I am exposed to tones of theories about beauty… and thus I feel insecure sometimes… BUT, at least I know that we should learn how to be confident before we learn how to put on an eyeliner… just know that you being you is what makes you beautiful… whatever makes you confident, go ahead and do it… even if it means putting on make up while spending the day at home… just remember not to over do it and not to do it for people’s approval but for yourself’s approval.


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