Have you ever had a best friend? You know… they are the kind of people you learn to love unconditionally… they are the people you share everything with.

Now. Have you ever had that one person who simply stopped acknowledging your presence? You know… it is as if they stopped seeing you. They simply stop talking to you for no reason at all and without any explanations.

We tend to lose people (friends, significant others, etc.) all the time in our lives. But the toughest loss is the one that happens with no explanation… when someone selfishly decides to step out of your life.

What makes everything worse is that they are so selfish they didn’t give you a single reason explaining their decision…

What you should know though, that this kind of people are not worth our emotions… they are not even worth our hatred… because when you hate somebody, it still counts as having some sort of feelings towards them.

They are only worth your ignorance. As the opposite of love is not hate… the opposite of love is ignorance. The best way to go about life is to treat people the way they treat you.

Know who you are. Know your worth. Be confident.


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