Hold Me.

When we feel like we’re stuck and we just can’t take a step forward… 376130_239640869434606_679495976_nor even step backward… It feels like life is going against us…

All of a sudden, someone shows up out of nowhere… someone we knew looong ago… they were far, but they appeared again in our lives… They are like a stranger but not quite…and that’s what makes them very comforting

We become weak when we are with them.. they are just like a piece of wood floating in the middle of the ocean while we are drowning…

That’s why we hold on to them as tight as possible.


One thought on “Hold Me.

  1. I really love this post because it talks to long-term relationships and how friends can still be friends even after not speaking for long periods of time.

    Friends are still there in spirit and in heart. And it’s comforting to talk to old friends. Reminisce on the past. And catch up on what’s been happening in each others lives.

    “Stars still shine in the darkest nights, even when you can’t see them, they’re always there.” -Jake Miller, Ghost


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