A Box.

You see… this box of perfection you live in might not work… don’t drag people into it.. because you, yourself, might not even be in it! It could just be the result of dreams, lies, or even hopes… whatever it is though, don’t always expect to succeed in that box of perfection! And if you don’t, don’t feel bad about it.. because, you see, society tells us that we are nothing if we don’t achieve what we have in our perfect boxes… when in REALITY, only very few get what they hoped for and the rest of us gotta leave the box to shine… everything is possible once you come out of your box!


One thought on “A Box.

  1. This is so true! You have to explore the world and leave the box sometimes to find the things in life that truly make you happy. Some stuff in that box are placed in there by society and they stem from unrealistic expectations. Thanks for the inspiration this Friday 🙂


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